Jul 19, 2013

Pure Honda Sports | SCDA Track Day at Watkins Glen International | Part III

Part III of IV is here after a slight delay. 

Grab a cold drink and have a read if you've already had a look at Part I and Part II!

As the day warmed up at WGI, we met a nice fellow by the name of Chris. He'd been stationed alongside SHG since the morning and ended up being Theresa's student for the rest of the day. 
Having driven at Limerock the previous week amongst having other track events under his belt, Chris was no beginner but chose wisely to run in the novice group to get acquainted with the track.

A copious amount of preparation was done prior to this event. A synthetic oil and transmission fluid change, corner weight and alignment, refinished rotors, ASR rear sway bar installation and new Buddy Club upper control arm pivots were installed.

The factory airbox setup had to be ditched in favor of a custom cold air intake along with a Gates upper radiator hose that is designed to clear the CAI. A Type S brake master cylinder and prop valve were also fitted to match the Type S spec brakes followed by a fresh bleed of Motul RBF600 brake fluid.

A half cut bottle of BG Super Cool serves as a funnel for topping off the oil. Not too shabby considering that it threads into the valve cover!

Making sure that the lug nuts are securely fastened preceding a session is an important step that shouldn't be overlooked.

A lot of emphasis has been put into the alignment settings to balance out the natural understeer characteristics that front wheel drive vehicles are notorious for having. The EP3 now handles very neutral and has a touch of oversteer during off throttle.

Evan needlessly adorning the modded Neuspeed strut brace. Always very meticulous with his detailing, even at a track day!

Feel's sticker on the underside of the hood overviewing the operation of the VTEC engine.

The lightweight Buddy Club RSB-25 12v battery is securely strapped via a custom gusseted battery tray. Small touches that net modest weight savings but also add to the beauty of the engine compartment.

Keeping track of lap times. There's an app for that!

A K20A2 RSX Type S engine with a short geared 6spd transmission is on the works to be swapped in this upcoming winter. Evan couldn't resist and jumped the gun with the 6spd CTR knob. Don't misshift!

Off to the pitlane for his 2nd session.

After quite a delay, the cars started coming by. A mishap between a Mustang and a Corvette at the end of the Novice session effectively delayed the intermediate session 25 minutes meaning Evan only had an out lap and an in lap. 

At last however he finally came around.

Turning in early to straighten the bus stop section as much as possible without upsetting the balance of the car.

Even a little curb action going on to use the full track width. Well done sir.

It was a short lived run but on the bright side the car was still running top notch without any problems and with any form of motorsports that is always a plus.

Chris wanted to get a ride along in the EP3 to see how it felt in comparison to his R32 as well as seeing Theresa's driving technique up close. I'm not quite sure he knew what he was in for!

Smooth sailing through the bus stop like clockwork.

A tight line around here is important as to not carry excess speed and miss the apex.

Evan onlooking as the EP3 went by. It's always neat seeing your own car moving from a 3rd person perspective. 

Yet another quick S2000 that had a serious support trailer to go along with it.

The tire sizing on this particular S2000 was a bit oversized but it maneuvered around the corners very well nonetheless.

After coming in Chris said that he was surprised by how grippy the tires were and thought that the EP3 was very composed around the track.

The Porsches have well established themselves in the racing industry and had a bold presence at this event.

The checkered flag dropped and the session had to come to a halt. Overall it seemed like heaps of fun!

This is it for Part III. I've saved the best for last so don't miss Part IV. Things get interesting!