Jul 11, 2013

Pure Honda Sports | SCDA Track Day at Watkins Glen International | Part I

This past Monday, the Sports Car Driving Association hosted a HPDE at Watkins Glen International for all makes and models. Like all of us, SHG_EasyE has been prepping his car for track days for quite some time now. After a 3 year hiatus from his last track day at Monticello Motor Club, this event at WGI was the perfect opportunity to get back on track. 

After spending the 4th of July holiday in Tioga, PA, Evan and his girlfriend Theresa headed up to WGI on Sunday afternoon where we met up and camped outside the track for the night.

6:30am came soon and we wasted no time unloading and setting up the gear.

With little time to spare Evan got the car jacked up and swapped his Stoptech front rotors and Stoptech pads with his spare Stoptech rotors with Ferodo DS3000 pads while I swapped out the rear OEM pads in favor of the more aggressive Porterfield R4 pads.

What goes up, must come down.

In due time for the safety inspection Evan headed over to get the EP3 checked out by the officials.

Meanwhile I took a snap of the coveted Spoon Sports steering wheel by Momo that is one my favorite parts in my EG.

What started out as a chilly morning was turning into a nice calm summer day. Overcast skies kept the temperatures cool which was not only perfect for the engine but also for relaxing under the E-Z up.

Speedhunters put together a nice article recently so it was a must to brush up on some tips for shooting cars while the drivers meeting was taking place.

Arriving back in the paddock certified post inspection.

SHG magnetic number boards were placed and EP3 was now ready for action!

95... Can you say Spoon wrd?

Bespoke fifteen52 Tarmacs take the EP3 to a whole new level. Perhaps it takes some growing used to but having been around them for a while I can truly say that they look excellent. They are the same wheels used on Ken Block's famous Gymkhana Ford Fiesta in case you were wondering why they looked familiar.

  The specs are 17x9 +30 up front wrapped on Direzza Star Spec Z1s in 245/40/17 and 17x8 +43 out back on 225/45/17.

Hardparking at the paddock waiting for the 1st session to begin.

 Albeit not visible in this picture, the OEM steering wheel has been spaced closer to the driver for a more adequate driving position. All small intricacies that allow the driver to be comfortable and confident for the task at hand.

 The subtle touches such as the GT3 RS style door pulls, carbon fiber blockoffs and push to start button are my favorite features about the interior.

As a seasoned driver, Theresa drove under the Advanced group which naturally would be the first to go out on track.

Theresa was also Evan's instructor so he too went along to get a feel for the course prior to getting out and driving himself.

Big Funky Gorilla approved!

Focused and ready. Off they went!

That just about wraps things up for Part I of the track day coverage. Part II will be up later tonight with track action so be sure to keep an eye out for that! - Claudio