Mar 13, 2013

Overview | Spoon Brake Pedal Box

Spoon is always up to no good! This time they've developed a sturdier brake pedal assembly that doesn't flex for various applications. Now I don't speak Japanese but from my understanding from reading their blog article it seems that with a lot of race use, the OEM brake pedal assemblies may bend a few cm and develop play. This is the solution they've come up with, a bolt on reinforced brake pedal assembly.

Mar 12, 2013

Yellow Factory EG6 CZ3700

Heres a car that you don't see much of these days, the YF EG6. I'm sure you all remember it from when it's Tokyo Auto Salon photos surfaced the web. Between the aggressive aero and wheel setup everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It embodies Japanese tuning very well from the staggered wheel setup to the staple B18C power unit. It isn't a show car however and it sees regular track events. Like any race car, it undergoes constant improvements which can all be seen in their blog.