Aug 29, 2013

Worcester Cars and Coffee Meet

After a laborious week of overtime, there is nothing more refreshing than arriving home at 3am on a Sunday morning, to wake up four hours later, wash the ol' lady and head down to InHouse Coffee in Worcester for the monthly Cars and Coffee meet. Who needs sleep anyways?

Aug 26, 2013

Holy Ghost | Q&A with Dom Milio

Dom Milio is one of those down to earth guys who are always open minded about things so naturally when he snapped some excellent photos of his 2000 Civic EX, I felt compelled to share them on the blog. Given the opportunity, I also went ahead and got to know a little more about his build and background.

Aug 9, 2013

A Menace Behind The Wheel | EP3 Hill Climb

 Watching this fella tackle this twisty mountain side road in a hooked up EP3 gives me all of the energy that I need to get this Friday morning going. Simply superb.

Aug 3, 2013

Saitama Honda | Revisited

In my latest trip to Brazil for the 2012 holidays half a year ago, I found myself inside the Saitama Honda dealership once again. Not much had changed in a year's time since I was last there, but I was able to get a close look at the newest Fit submodel, the Honda Fit Twist.