Mar 22, 2011

Epic battle

I hate how often the word "epic" is used by most people, but there is no other description for this touge battle. It embodies everything I love about Hondas and Japanese tuning and driving.

The Cog

One of the best commercials ever made.

Mar 11, 2011

JTCC Accord!

This was one of the many very unique cars in the now dead Japanese Touring Car Championship. The rules allowed for some pretty impressive modifications, which I love. There are less and less series now allowing this level of engine and chassis development while still retaining a full unibody.

Some highlights of this engineering are CNC suspension components with custom geometry, CNC uprights with centerlock hubs, custom steering rack and front subframe, tubbed front fender wells, full carbon interior panels, doors, trunk, and hood, and of course the curious looking engine.

The head is not physically reversed, nor is the engine for that matter. You can see that the cam gears are still mounted on the driver's side, and the transaxle is still on the passenger side like the stock chassis. The original F20B spins counter-clockwise, while the X-Trac sequential transmission spins clockwise for the forward gears.

The engine was altered to rotate clockwise, thus allowing the use of the transmission. The fact that the intake now faces the cold front half of the engine compartment, and the exhaust heat is able to escape out the back are just added bonuses. The engine produces 320 flywheel hp at 8500rpm with just 2 liters.




Civic Cubed

A tuned version of the picture with all three types of Civic Type R.

Mar 10, 2011

Keeping Fit!

Staying with the fit theme... The Noblesse Fit!

Mar 7, 2011

J's Fit