Jun 17, 2013

SHG_James | Hawaii

Member James Cardenas might be new to the club, but he is certainly no stranger to Hondas. For the past few years he's been building a well rounded K20 powered EM2. 

Over this past weekend, he was able to finish the prep work in his engine bay and spray it Blue Raspberry Metallic. A color found on the 12'-13' Honda Fit.

Head on over to his build thread if you haven't already and check out some of his work!

EVO-R Adjustable End Links

Hey Everyone! 

We are announcing an exciting group buy on the discontinued EVO-R adjustable end links! Being one of two manufacturers that offer an end link in this configuration, it was disappointing when they were no longer available. 

We have been able to set up another production run with the manufacturer, making them available for one last time! These are custom sets of four turnbuckle style end links intended for Honda/Acura application. They will also fit other Japanese make chassis. The Group Buy is set for 10 units or more at $220 shipped per set of four. Please contact us at info@purehondasports.us for details and to place your order! 

Features include sealed ball and cup style joints like the factory part, which makes for silent operation and long life when compared to open Heim style joints. The full turnbuckle style construction allows for quick and easy length adjustment to neutralize sway bars when corner weighing and making setup changes. The turnbuckle is also hard anodized for long life.

Jun 11, 2013

Riley's Midori EK | Fresh Paint

Here at SHG we tend to take our time building our Hondas. This is because to achieve a high level of quality and satisfaction, the process can't be rushed. Limited budgets and busy schedules are part of life but the vision never dissipates. Mix in a little bit of misfortune however and things go awry.

Aspasa EG

Flared fenders, roof scoop and M3 mirrors. Are we in the next Fast and Furious movie? Not sure but I can dig it. What catches my attention however is the air diffuser underneath the radiator support. The side exit exhaust is definitely not something you see every day on a Civic either.