Feb 20, 2013

Civic Type R FD2 Prototype | Test Drive

In this video, Formula 1 driver Jenson Button takes out a prototype version of the FD2 for a proper test drive around Honda's test track and gives the engineers feedback on various areas of the car. Now we all know that the FD2 is great but hearing specifically why that is from JB puts the icing on the cake.

Feb 18, 2013

Touge Attack | Seeker EG6

Seeker's EG6 is an excellent example of proper N/A tuning. To me, N/A tuning is not only a term that refers to the engine setup, but rather the overall car setup as well. The throttle response and power band characteristics of the N/A B18C allows the driver to fine tune his inputs which makes it easier to stay within the limits of the tire and utilizing full traction.

This 1.8L engine puts down 200ps through a rebuilt transmission using shorter 3rd,4th and 5th ATS gears, a 4.4 final drive and a Cusco LSD. Nimble and responsive handling is the result of using grippy street tires in modest sizing along with Spoon dampers as well as a mild weight reduction.

 It's amazing to see this EG6 running at the level that it is while still having mostly stock exterior and interior. For being such an old car, it is still very competitive and still a great tuning base. It even clocked a time very close to the Amuse S2000, the Touge Monster! That to me is why I have an EG Civic of my own. It is cars like these that show that the potential is there if the proper tuning concepts are used. The car simply looks very balanced and a blast to drive which is the reason why we love N/A.

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