Jan 27, 2014

A Lap Around The Ring | One Quick Rex

You just have to appreciate a properly setup CRX when you see one, especially when it has a quick driver behind the wheel. The ED9 below laps the 'ring in a blazing 8 minutes and 32 seconds. All this with a D16A6, Advan A048 tires and some traffic at the end. It must have been nerve wrecking to see the seconds slip away...

Jan 22, 2014

Type One | Speedhunters Visit

Type One's shop redesign came out fantastic, the cleanliness is just impeccable!

Jan 7, 2014

Save The SOHC | A New Lease On Life

Generally speaking, for as long as DOHC engines have been around, they have always taken precedence over their cheaper, less complex single overhead camshaft siblings. On paper, the increased efficiency of DOHC engines are undeniable, proving time and time again to extract more juice from the same sized fruit. With the uprise in popularity of the technologically superior K series and continued prevalence of the well established B series, engines like the D series have become relics in today's world. What is regarded by many as a throwaway motor, is for others like myself, a viable option to modest performance at a low cost while achieving excellent fuel economy and stellar reliability.

Jan 6, 2014


For the majority of folks, cars are merely nothing more than a mean of transportation. However, for those who refer to themselves as enthusiasts, they are a just a smidgen more than that. They are a canvas for an art form that can be appreciated from multiple aspects. From putting them together according to your desires to driving them as an extension of your body. This high quality short film by Taylor Hawkins does a great job conveying one or two of those...