Sep 30, 2014

Preparation For The Work Week | A Casual Sunday With SHG

In typical fashion after a long and hopefully productive work week, we like to get together at one of the many SHG-Compounds and unwind. Discussions usually include the weeks developments in automotive culture, sarcasm, trash-talking, memes, and youtube. Sometimes even trash-talking sarcastic automotive culture memes on youtube. Smartphones at the ready with screenshots and quick links to the latest social media from around the globe, "watched" items on auction sites, new purchases, and updates from our favorite builds. Sources ranging from the US to Japan, UK to Australia and everywhere in between. We live and breathe the automotive lifestyle and nothing is better than sharing it all in one place on a regular basis with good friends, good beer, and good jokes.

Sep 28, 2014

Thompson Speedway's Members Track Day | 8/11/14 | Part I

What an eventful racing season it has been for SHG this summer. Starting off with Mike taking his Honda S2000 for a shakedown track day on June 21st at Thompson following its winter build up and now with Evan following suit behind the wheel of his Civic Si, SoHonda Garage continues the vehicle and driver development program at our conveniently located home circuit, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.