Apr 28, 2011

Random Thursday


Apr 19, 2011

SHG BBQ 2011!!!!!

Its that time of the year again! SoHonda Garage is teaming up with the guys from SolFresh putting on this years BBQ at James Baird State Park. The date is July 2nd 2011. This event gets bigger and bigger every year with quality of people and cars growing with it. This year to 'one up' previous years, were are gathering at Limerock Park for a open UNMUFFLED track day the day before July 1st. For more info about the BBQ or track day follow the link SHG BBQ 2011 or contact Me

Apr 12, 2011


Peter Cunningham tearing it up in the 2011 Realtime TSX

Apr 9, 2011

The Versatile Euro R

The Accord Euro R seems to be one of those cars that is right at home in any type or driving or tuning styles. It's a car of many different hats.

From pretty stock, just low and slow...

to a tuned and built street car...

to the weekend track toy...

To the purpose built race car...

It does it all and looks just as it performs.

Apr 8, 2011

FR Goodness

This post is dedicated to Honda's amazing FR roadster

Apr 5, 2011

White Type Rs White SSRs

A classic look that will always be one of my favorites

Apr 3, 2011