Jul 27, 2011

Mugen CRZ concept

Its too bad the general population is too stubborn and power hungry to appreciate such a brilliant car. Leave it to Honda to create something so unique that performs so well

Jul 26, 2011

Buddy Club DC5 Asian Touring Car

Buddy Club's Honda DC5 competing in the Asian Touring Car Series

Jul 25, 2011

DC5 Integra Type-R Review

After the iconic DC2 Integra Type-R was pulled from the production line, 6 years later the new DC5 Integra Type-R was introduced and put in charge of carrying the torch. Did the Type R spirit live on through the next generation Integra?
Check it out for yourselves!

Jul 23, 2011

Civic Type-R Review

Hrmm what do you say we keep the Type-R theme going throughout the weekend? 

In this video we have Mr. Kurosawa aka Gan San testing the Civic Type-R EK9 while Mr. Ichishima offered some valuable insight that most enthusiasts aren't even aware of. 

Believe it or not but Gan San was about 60 years old when this video was made, just look at the old man go in the rain! 

 Even Tsuchiya is having a blast around Tsukuba circuit for good measure!

Jul 22, 2011

Drift King's Personal NSX-R

Its truly incredible how well the NSX-R can take corners, well done Honda!

Jul 21, 2011

Integra Type-R Road Test

After all these years, the Integra Type-R is still regarded as one of the best handling front wheel drive cars to have ever left a production line.

In the article below, Car and Driver reviews the USDM ITR in March of 1997.
Hope you enjoy the read!

Jul 20, 2011

Still going strong

Almost 20 years ago, the 5th generation Civic was introduced into the Japanese car market. This small sub compact was quite ahead of its time and was offered in many different trims all across the globe.

To this day the EG Civic is still immensely popular amongst Honda enthusiasts and for good reasons. Reliability is second to none and most engine transplants are a bolt-in affair and can even be done using only factory components.

This lightweight chassis was also equipped with independent double wishbone suspension and with the massive aftermarket support available, tuning this low cost Honda into a weekend track ready car is only wrench turns away!

Here is an imported EG6 lapping the Horse Thief Mile configuration at Button Willow Raceway. So timeless!

Jul 19, 2011


SoHondaGarage. is proud to finally present the much awaited SHG_Banners. The chosen color has been named "Suzuka Green" and pops with any color.

After having a less than satisfactory sample banner that appeared to
have come out of an inkjet printer, SHG decided to order them through a secondary source that was able to do a great job!

Although only a few cars have these on due to difficulty of application, it is only a matter of time before all of SHG will be sporting them.

Here is the original (top) graphic vs the revised (bottom)... it was decided that the first was too small and we opted to enlarge it. Glad it was done!

Spoon B18C6

An inside look at one of Honda's most iconic motors; the almighty B series.
This particular unit is a B18C6 cutout made by Spoon Sports.