Sep 30, 2012


Heres a car that hasn't really been mentioned in the blog; my personal Civic Si hatchback. Its nothing really special, just a mainly stock EG with the factory D16Z6 SOHC VTEC engine, Buddy Club N+ coilovers and some must have Spoon parts. I will have to post an article about it sometime but for now enjoy a couple of quick pictures that I captured last weekend!

Sep 28, 2012

F105i Prototype by Mugen Power

Here is a little gem from Honda history... The Mugen/Dome Formula One prototype circa 1996. The incredible audio is courtesy of the 3.0L naturally aspirated V10. Unfortunately this car never got to race, and currently resides at DOME headquarter. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

SHG Memorial Day BBQ

I posted this a few weeks ago in my build thread but better late than never right? Better yet, is posting this here so that you can all see how we spent our Memorial Day holiday on 5/28/12.

The DC5 race car that we are building had finally been painted after many months of building the roll cage and prepping the rest of the chassis.

Evan borrowed the tow truck from his job and off we went to pick up the DC5 from Tom's body shop.

Amber cluster hrmm

I just cannot get tired of looking at beautiful amber lighting at night!

Sep 26, 2012

BTCC-inspired Civic

Some cool footage of Matt Neal testing Honda's BTCC-inspired Civic! Also digging the cameo by the Honda Racing Yuasa touring car...

SHG Wrenches on deck!

SHG_EasyE wanted to use his Todd's top hats with his new Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Evo coilovers so that he can have lots of camber and caster adjustability but this meant that the shocks would be depressurized due to the external reservoir layout.

So in order to dis-assemble and re-fill the shocks with new fluid, SHG_Mike designed these on CAD and they were water jet cut and then had its edges beveled. A little bead blasting and the dowels were then TIG welded before being painted Suzuka Green.

Civic Cup Grand final at Snetterton Preview

Buddy Club equipped Civics looking strong!

Sep 22, 2012

Spooning at night

Shout out to Advanrg54 for providing us with this sick shot of his Spoon ITR cluster.

Sep 21, 2012

RG-O Maintenance

RG-O Maintenance is one of those small tuner shops much like the ones we're used to buying parts from. The only difference is that this one isn't very popular or even widely know outside of Japan for that matter. As far as I know it isn't very popular in Japan either!

Sep 19, 2012

7th Gen Civics anyone?

7th gen Civics were never that popular of a platform besides the EP3 hatch which was a completely different car than the regular coupes and sedans and even the hatch wasn't all that popular in the grand scheme of things.

The sedans though sure looks nicer than the coupe IMO and after seeing this car you will probably agree!

I think those cars are due for a come back, they are getting a little older now and are not very expensive to buy. They also follow the basic rules for getting a Honda to look and handle great; wheels, suspension and body. A set of wheels, a nice drop and a clean body/paint always brings out the lines of the car.

  Credit goes to sspem2 for posting this beautiful ES2!

Sep 14, 2012

SoHonda Garage. is at it again, 5th annual Oktoberfest meet!

The temps are dropping and the leaves are changing...

Throw on your hoodies and jeans and come hang out with fellow enthusiasts on a chilly fall Sunday! In traditional fashion we will be hosting our Oktoberfest meet again this year and we hope to see a lot of new and old faces.