Apr 30, 2014

Worcester Cars And Coffee | A Monthly Ritual

Do these meets still need an intro? After becoming a hit last season, Chris Cavalieri decided to keep the same layout for this year and let me tell you; none of us are complaining. I mean, who doesn't like a calm Sunday cruise to grab a coffee? As long as we are welcomed by InHouse Coffee, it's looking like a format that's going to stay.

Apr 15, 2014

Honda Collection Hall | Dream of Honda

A rather slow month for us here at the blog with the winter weather keeping our project cars off the road but not to despair! The new season will be getting fired up rather soon as the first Cars and Coffee event of the year is less than 2 weeks away. There has been significant progress made in various fronts of SHG and plenty of it will be shown here on the blog and in our Facebook page. There's quite a lot of content in store for the upcoming months which I'm sure you'll enjoy. So until then, get your red H fix via this superb tour of Honda's Collection Hall in Tochigi, Japan done by the folks over at Singular Entity!