May 27, 2014

2014 RI National Guard Air Show | Quonset Point

Well here's a first, a non Honda blog post. It was due to happen sooner than later with the growth of the SHG_Blog but what better way to break from the mold? After 2 years away following last year's show canceling, the RI Air Show came back in style for 2014 by putting together a sensory packed event at Quonset Point for the unbeatable price of zero dollars. Yep, zilch. Guess who went!

May 20, 2014

Cars And Coffee | Pure Java Beans

Burnt and exhausted from being outside in the sun all day long Saturday for the RI National Guard Air Show, meant that C&C on Sunday morning was at minimum, going to be a drag. It didn't help that we stayed up till the AM having drinks but that wasn't going to prevent us from attending our favorite monthly event; especially not one hosted at a coffee shop!

May 16, 2014

K-Made X SHG | SHG_Kanani's Mugen Si

The 2008 Mugen Si as you probably know, is a rare breed. With only a 1000 units ever made, only a select few can say they have one of Honda's top performance offerings from recent years. SHG_Kanani from Hawaii is one of those as she gets to enjoy hers everyday around the beautiful Island of Kauai.

The guys from K-Made, which is a small group of tightly bonded friends like SHG, were looking to shoot a video feature and they knew just the right candidate. With Andrew Obiano behind the lens, he was able to capture some breathtaking footage. Austin Tacsiat got in on the action too so be sure to check back for his photo set soon!

1080p highly recommended!

May 3, 2014

SHG_Mike's 2001 Honda S2000 | Mini-Shoot

After spending Sunday morning hanging out at C&C, we felt that it was simply too early to call it a day. We hit the road to Elyson's house a few minutes away and got to leisurely firing off some snaps. There aren't too many opportunities for me to hone my skills during the winter so the empty street was just what I needed.