Jul 11, 2013

Pure Honda Sports | SCDA Track Day at Watkins Glen International | Part II

Being an all day event, there was no way that I could document it all in one post. In case you missed Part I of the coverage, you can check it out here. Otherwise read on for Part II!

Theresa spent her first session bedding in the brakes and taking it easy since the track was still green. It went by fast and she was soon back in the paddock.

 Here we can see Evan arching that back *cough* *cough* bleeding the tires a bit.

At this point we still hadn't had breakfast so I took the EG to grab some Dunkin' Donuts. Yeah guy!

I had wanted to drive at this event but there were some matters that I wanted to address prior to my track debut. Whilst some of those things weren't requisites for getting out there, they were priorities that had precedence over a track day. Not to worry, there are still many others to come!

You may be wondering why the wheels look so clean after a session. That's because they have been treated with Armor All wheel protectant. It is an excellent product that coats the wheel and keeps dirt, grime and brake dust from sticking.

One application lasts for a few weeks before loosing its effectiveness. Washing the wheels also becomes much easier as there isn't the need to scrub them down as you typically would with aggressive brake pads that get baked on. It sounds too good to be true but it is no gimmick that's for sure!

DD coffee always hits the mark! I did miss Evan's first session but he was able to have a couple of flying laps so that was good.

While making our way to the pitlane to see Theresa run, a huge blob of cream cheese fell out of Evan's bagel straight onto his Adidas Sambas. Doh!

Theresa was doing great out there in her 2nd session without traffic for the entire run. She reported high grip levels and the car to be very neutral in the corner. So far so good!

Midway through the session she pitted and Evan looked over the pressures.

Tarmacs still looking very clean 2 1/2 sessions in.

The Direzza Star Spec Z1s were withstanding the abuse very well and not overheating. Certainly a great tire considering the on track performance and street manners. After all his last pair of front tires lasted well over 35k. Impressive!

 One benefit of the small clearance between the Stoptech ST40 calipers and the fifteen52s is that the heat from the brakes radiate onto the wheel thus helping the tires warm up quickly.

"This is my happy face!"

The man himself, EasyE!

Back she went for the final 10 minutes.

Here you can see T giving the point by to get passed. Of course high performance driving has its associated risks but the SCDA goes to great lengths to ensure the safest driving environment reasonably possible.

There were 9 S2000s at this event. All of them very quick like this SSM AP1.

The Buddy Club Spec 3 exhaust sounded euphoric down the main straight. Even when I was at the paddock I could hear it passing by. Quite the distinct sound that's for sure.

The EP3 was achieving speeds of 110mph before the braking zone. The good ol' K20A3 was pulling healthy all day long. Hondas in general have great reliability and this makes them excellent candidates for racing.

Present were some other makes as well such as a fair share of BMWs, Porsches and Lotuses.

This M3 was one of my favorites. If I could own any performance luxury car besides a Honda or Acura, it would probably have to be a BMW.

Hoosier slicks and Stoptech rear brakes is serious business!

You know I had to take a snap of this Porsche GT3 RS making its way onto the track. It would be a dream to have one of these in your driveway.

The EG is one of those cars that really masks its age. I truly feel that its a timeless design aside from being able to tell that its an older car since cars today look quite a bit different.

Track decals on this Porsche Cayman. You could say that its been around the block a few times.

Mini John Cooper Works GP looking sharp if I must say so myself. Probably a blast to drive.

S2Ki.com members were in attendance and this was a great example of a nicely modded S2000.

Aside from the purple lug nuts, the wheel and tire combo were on point. The fitment and aggressive sizing filled the panels perfectly.

Function and Form all into one. I meant to ask him about his thoughts on the Direzza ZIIs but didn't get a chance. This AP2 was going fast around the track and seemed planted at all times.

S2000 interiors have limited space but I love how simplistic it all is. 

Minty fresh AP2 spotted in its natural habitat.

The F22C powerplant cooling down in between sessions.

The S2000 is essentially a Type R. It needs nothing but some brake pads to do a track day. I believe that it didn't receive that badging only because it was offered in a single trim where as every other Type R model had a base trim.

This sums it up for Part II! Tune in tomorrow for Part III!