Feb 23, 2015

TOP-5 | John's Civic Si Hatchback

Hey everyone! I'm back again with another Top-5, and this one is super clean. John's Civic Si has always been one that I spend extra time looking at when I get the chance. This car is LOADED with lots of special goodies and details all of which have taken me quite a few times to spot. John has always been a fan of the uncommon and it really shows in his careful selection of parts, CL1 EuroR wheels, euro EG6 tailgate and front number-plate appliqué just to name a few. The color is perhaps the most obvious feature that draws your eye in for a closer look. I have NOT boosted the saturation on these pictures, this car is just knock-your-socks-off BRIGHT! John's hatchback is really special and is a forever evolving work in progress. John never stops changing or updating it and treats this car like just another part of his beautiful family. Enjoy!

Feb 9, 2015

TOP-5 | Ashton's Civic

This weeks TOP-5 is spotlighting Ashton's FA5. Ashton is well known for his immaculate FA5 and is a regular at the SHG meets. This car has taken many forms over the years, of which included many real deal Mugen parts. Originally setup as a USDM spec Mugen clone, it is now converted fully to JDM spec, with Mugen still playing a heavy roll in the overall appearance of the car. Ashton has done a superb job making sure all aspects of the car stay as clean and functional as possible and it clearly shows. I can't wait to see whats in store for this upcoming season. Anyhow, here is my Top-5 pick from a recent collection of pictures I took of this inspiring build.

Feb 2, 2015

TOP-5 | Chris' NSX

In an attempt to bring warmth to these cold winter months I have compiled these 5 shots of Chris' Lime Green NSX. With any luck the captured beauty is inspirational enough to get those gears turning, making next years car dreams into reality for many as it has me chomping at the bit to get my project ready for spring time. Chris' NSX is down right gorgeous. Immaculately clean, aggressively fitted and used daily (no hard parking here!) It is always a spectacle when an NSX makes an appearance at one of our car gatherings, and they hold a special place in my heart as well. No sooner was he parked that I found myself snapping away and smiling like a school girl. Enough about that, here are my current TOP-5 for this car. Enjoy!