Aug 26, 2014

SHG_EP3 | Bonus Shoot

After getting things wrapped up over at Thompson, I knew that I had to take advantage of the late afternoon light that was still available. Plus, what else was I to do with a full frame Nikon D700 camera on hand, a scenic low key street and quite arguably the best put together EP3 in the nation?

Aug 21, 2014

Tony's Track Days & Circuit One | Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park 7/20/14

What better way is there to spend a Sunday than by hanging out at the local racetrack to watch some racing? Alright, sure I'll agree.  There are tons of other great ways to spend a Sunday but nonetheless, when our buddy Andrew Weinle informed us that he'd signed up for the Circuit One driving experience, a few of us from SHG decided to get together and turn it into a day trip.