Nov 12, 2014

SHG Oktoberfest Coverage | Vol 1

 This year's SHG Oktoberfest marked our 7th annual fall SHG_BBQ and keeping true to SHG tradition there was a strong turnout of some of the most well built Hondas the northeast has to offer. Also, as always there was a variety of other manufacturers present too, making for a diverse crowd of enthusiasts alike.

It is always a joy to make the scenic journey up the Taconic State Parkway. Tight and technical is how I would best describe it.

Brittany at the wheel, we cruised into James Baird State Park.

Shortly after we arrived the parking spots started to fill up.

SHG_Riley's Midori Green hatch. You can't help but smile when you see this incredible car.

SHG_Mike's S2000 tucked in right next door, looking as handsome as ever.

This JDM Captiva Blue EG6 caught my eye immediately, as I always have and always will have a special place in my heart for the EG chassis.

SHG_Dan aka: Allmotordan aka: LovesDA's Dan attempting to seduce me.
 It worked.

Dom and his immaculate civic are always in attendance at the SHG meets, and this Oktoberfest was no different. Since his feature in HondaTuning Dom has changed things up by switching out the Work Meisters for some TE37's and his EM1 lip for a GD3 sport lip, both very nice touches.

Ashton's FA5 had everyone drooling from the moment it rolled in. This car is SERIOUSLY nice. Ashton has taken his JDM conversion the extra mile by adding the Mugen FD2 front spoiler, Mugen FD2 grille, Mugen GP wheels, Mugen aero vents, oem FD2 rear, FA5 Mugen sideskirts, Mugen exhaust, Spoon brakes, Mugen steering wheel, and the list goes on! An absolute joy to see and the owner is a great guy to chat with.

Function meets form on this attractive S2000. Just the right balance of aggressive fitment and maintaining a useable and streetable ride height, it really is easy to find yourself loving it more every time to see it.

Our friend Dan stopped by with his beautiful EF hatch. This car has been fitted tastefully with Chargespeed aero, Advan wheels, Spoon brakes,  EC Works Type-C mirrors, and a gorgeous engine bay to boot.

Brittany noticed me paying a lot of attention to Chris' GY-19M Lime Green Metallic NSX and may have gotten a tad jealous ;). Just look at these two fine ladies!