Sep 30, 2014

Preparation For The Work Week | A Casual Sunday With SHG

In typical fashion after a long and hopefully productive work week, we like to get together at one of the many SHG-Compounds and unwind. Discussions usually include the weeks developments in automotive culture, sarcasm, trash-talking, memes, and youtube. Sometimes even trash-talking sarcastic automotive culture memes on youtube. Smartphones at the ready with screenshots and quick links to the latest social media from around the globe, "watched" items on auction sites, new purchases, and updates from our favorite builds. Sources ranging from the US to Japan, UK to Australia and everywhere in between. We live and breathe the automotive lifestyle and nothing is better than sharing it all in one place on a regular basis with good friends, good beer, and good jokes.

Evan has been spending most of his free time getting the DC5 Touring Car track-ready for the upcoming racing season.

Loaded with new parts, fresh hardware, immaculate plating and mil-spec goodness, The DC5 engine bay could easily be mistaken for a hard-parker/garage queen, but this car is ready to dominate ITS/STL in 2015!

Brakes and suspension, ready and waiting for the abuse of life on the circuit.

Senior SHG-Blogger Claudio also came through SANS-camera, as he needed his hands to accommodate 6 fine filtered friends.

Claudio enjoys being on the other side of the lens, almost as much as he enjoys Hondas. Almost.


Middle Joe

Happy Joe (Heyyyyyy)

Evan back in and plugging away at the interior wiring.

"-Mike enjoys this"


Brittany loves my new camera!

All in all, it is always great to meet up with the family. These casual and frequent visits keep us tight, and take the edge off the mundane routine of weekly life. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have such a great group of friends that share my views and interests. Yes, even Joe, although he bites..