May 20, 2014

Cars And Coffee | Pure Java Beans

Burnt and exhausted from being outside in the sun all day long Saturday for the RI National Guard Air Show, meant that C&C on Sunday morning was at minimum, going to be a drag. It didn't help that we stayed up till the AM having drinks but that wasn't going to prevent us from attending our favorite monthly event; especially not one hosted at a coffee shop!

With that said, first things first. Get in line, grab a drink and then get to work BUT it wasn't going to be that simple. The day started off bright and warm but it soon after became overcast and goose bump forming cold before I even fired off the first snap. Once again a hot drink would've been ideal instead of the iced coffee that I went for but nonetheless, I got to moving and shooting. 

Much like the previous meet, the S2000s had a strong showing with some tastefully modded rides like this AP1 with an AP2 headlight/taillight conversion and Amuse front bumper. The Invidia Q300 dual exhaust with Ti tips is a quality looking system but I bet its acoustics are even better. It's too bad I missed the chance to hear it on its way out...

The red S2000 fitted with the J's Racing front bumper was back this time around too although I wasn't able to capture a full shot of it since the 50mm lens has too much reach on the crop body D80 for such close quarters but I'm sure it won't be the last time I see it.

As you probably already know, I'm not one for "stanced" cars. This is because I believe that one can have both performance and aggressive fitment without having to sacrifice drivability or appearance. In other words, leaving the function to shape the form. 

Yet in this case I can certainly make an exception because while it does have an emphasis on form, the car still functions as intended being that it sits on air suspension so it isn't driven at a frame damaging ride height. In fact I'll make one whenever it's properly executed such as this Audi RS4 wagon.

Behind the tastefully selected Enkei RS05RR wheels (that actually fit inside the fenders), are some fat 6 piston calipers made by Alcon; a company that has manufactured applications for the highest levels of motorsports ranging from Formula 1 to WRC rally machines. You can tell that Nick puts them use too if you take a closer look at the pad deposits in the slotted 2 piece STãSIS rotors.

There's a little bit of everything at these meets so you're always guaranteed a variety of automotive culture niches. Seen here were a couple of VIP rides leaving...

VWs always have a good presence as well although I only managed to grab a shot of this one. Good thing these meets are monthly! There's always more than one opportunity for capturing some beautiful imagery.

Adam brought his toys out too, the 66' 912 and the 82' 911 SC that now has the number 71 placed over the rear lid. 

Other than that, the 911 has remained untouched visually speaking. It honestly looks quite good as is, especially the simple interior. It's attracted a cult following for good reason, just timeless...

Porsches <3

Here's another gem that was present, a low mileage AP2 in immaculate condition. As far as I could tell, it's mostly stock aside from a set of wheels, an Invidia exhaust system and what appears to be a mild drop.

Honda really nailed the front engined sports car segment with the S2000. Not only is it a gorgeous design, it's also is tuned from the factory at a high level. What more can you ask for?

225/40s aesthetically speaking are on point on this S2000 as the wheel sizing matches it perfectly.

The local car scene is really turning up the heat with cars like this. Just flawless...

Mike realigned the AP1 since the last meet as the rear camber was a bit too aggressive but it remains the same other than the banner vinyl that had the SHG logo later added back at home.

Clean and simple AP1 on AP2 wheels. Dassit!

The new generation SHG shirts are almost ready for production so expect them to be available in the not so distant future. We've also got some exciting new content in the works so be sure to like our Facebook page to stay up to date when they get posted. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the selective coverage!

- Claudio