Aug 29, 2013

Worcester Cars and Coffee Meet

After a laborious week of overtime, there is nothing more refreshing than arriving home at 3am on a Sunday morning, to wake up four hours later, wash the ol' lady and head down to InHouse Coffee in Worcester for the monthly Cars and Coffee meet. Who needs sleep anyways?

Being a real life zombie isn't a perk but it comes with the job. After 3 doubles in a row on little sleep, I felt rejuvenated after grabbing a freshly brewed Caramel Iced Latte from InHouse coffee with a Raspberry twist pastry. It was all that I needed to be alive and kicking once again—or rather being a little jittery! 

More important than good food and drinks however, is good company. C&C offers the perfect opportunity to get together with our fellow comrades under beautiful blue skies and that you just can't put a price on (or Elise's smile, just priceless!)

My favorite aspect about these meets is the crowd that it gathers. Everyone conducts themselves as adults and are either true automotive enthusiasts or simply friends with one for that matter.

Bring the family and pets if you so wish, who doesn't want to be out of the house in prime summer weather?

There is always plentiful parking and a variety of makes and models; something for everybody.

Plenty of proper rides came out to play as this month's meet had a great turnout and as always, quality superseding quantity. 

Anthony Tarantino brought out the heat with his 2007 FA5 sporting a Mugen Civic RR replica bumper that bolts right on to the USDM front end with fog lights and splitter to compliment. Matching side skirts, rear lip with the 43 LED safety light and rear bumper complete the sharp fitting kit. 

17x8'' Rota Torques makes you look twice, afterall white on white is alright! It's not all looks either, this Si has an intake, race header and race exhaust to boot; a mint daily with some grunt to it.

These are real cars that get driven, some much more than others and that's the beauty of it. No garage queens here!

Even this one surprisingly, bagged on a nice set of wheels so it can be raised to retain drivability. I can dig this.

Did anyone notice the Johnny Cupcakes logo? I'd love to eventually check out that bakery considering the hype, maybe someday.

There were other nice European cars there too such as this Audi A4 wagon on a set of BBS rollers with modest camber, just how it should be.

A few S2000s were around, this one specifically caught my eye right off the bat. RPF1s, Kumho XS, suspension and exhaust. Definitely a blast to drive from the looks of it. Bug juice all over the front bumper, yep she's to die for!

D-Ro also made his monthly appearance–like a boss.

As did Lauren, photo bombing. She can be a handful at times haha.

Taking wide steps with 18x8.5'' Work Equips up front on 225/40 Bridgestone Potenzas. Not a bad look!

Even wider sizing in the rear at 18x9.5'' on 255/35s.

Super clean body on it with properly rolled fenders and still in pristine condition for its age.

Begging for an AP1 front lip but those are made out of unobtanium so good luck finding one.

Only 71k on this S2000 yet it is in near showroom condition. Minty fresh is right.

Dan wasn't the only one to have aggressive sizing, this AP2 had 18x9.5'' +38 all around. 

Never a bad view at Cars and Coffee, nothing butt clean cars.

Tastefully modded STI...

...or tastefully modded GTI, different strokes for different folks.

SHG_EasyE chatting it up with SHG_Mike, most likely discussing some upcoming projects.

Even this turbo drag RSX had some bling. ST√ĄTUS bucket seats and TE37s. Why nice parts?

That's why!

What really had me head over heels however was this marvelous 1982 Porsche 911 Carrera SC Coupe.

It was redone in a late 70s era BMW Mint Green. Mint is it!

It sits on a set of 17'' replica RSR Fuchs wrapped in Direzza DZ101s and has been lowered via its torsion bar suspension and adjustable rear A arms.

Tucked in behind the rear arches like a baby in bed, real snug!

The cabin has undergone a series of renovations. Gone are the rear seats, center console and radio. Who needs that anyways when you have a freshly rebuilt 3.0l mated to a 915 transmission creating its own symphony via the custom made exhaust.

The goal of the car is to inspire a light weight interpretation of a vintage 911 and it does just that. The MOMO wheel is simplistic, yet elegant.

Recaro Speed seats and Porsche America RS door panels give the interior a whole new look. I love the door pulls, much like the ones used on the GT3 RS.

Making our way back to the exterior, it has rear quarter Lexan windows complete with vent louvers.

The fiberglass front bumper with tubular supports comes from a company called TRE Motorsports and does a great job of hiding the large front mount oil cooler. It hasn't seen track time yet but all in due time. 

Just a well executed build. Props to the owner for doing such an exquisite job.

It's very easy to get caught up taking photos and subsequently "missing" the event so I stopped by the guys to hang out for a bit.


Relaxing under the shade, we find a rare animal.

The long armed sloth, Seamus, that drove up with Dre from Connecticut to hang out. Always goofing around!

SHG rolls deep and as you can see, I roll too deep. Parked a good 3 feet ahead of the line up–whoops!

In just a few weeks SHG_EasyE and I will be down in New Jersey for a track day. Park hard, drive harder.

Elyson's EP3 is fresh off the body shop after getting the front end redone plus a full paint job.

SHG | Cool Stance Bro.

My EH3 has also had some bodywork done to it hence the lack of rear interior as I had removed it and haven't had a chance to put it back in. Soon enough it will have the new wheel/tire setup and will be much more pleasant on the eyes. 

I mustache the owner of this car a question. Why would you rust out the hood of an ITR?

It's Cars and Coffee but bikes are of course welcome too. 

This Ducati definitely had my attention, not something you see everyday. Heaps of fun without a doubt.

Pie cut carbon fiber exhaust. Hrm! 

The man and his machine.

Bro, do you even lift?

STI driver wearing a fresh Ayrton Senna tee. Long live the legend.

Why so serious? Because race car talk!

The girls seemed to be having a good time as well.

Faster than I could realize the afternoon had creeped along so we wrapped things up and headed out.

I hope to see an even better turnout next month on September 29th, so be sure to RSVP to the Facebook page. Big thanks to Chris Cavalieri for putting together such a well composed event!