Oct 16, 2012

Type R Tuesday | Audi R8 V10 vs Mugen Honda Civic Type R

For me, the Euro Civic Type R is yet another Honda that upon launch, didn't tickle my fancy. When pictures of prototypes would surface of various new models, I would say to myself; what is Honda thinking?

However as soon as they would lunch and a few months passed by, I would take another look at them and think "Hrm, you know, this actually isn't half bad". Little did I know that I would come to like just about every single one of them!

The Euro Type R is one of those. These days I am heads over heels for them and what once seemed like tacky styling, is now simply gorgeous. It would just be a dream to own one but if that wasn't too much to ask for, Mugen had to go and make their own version and make an already superb car, an extraordinary one.

Enjoy this Mugen Euro CTR chasing an Audi R8 in a hillclimb.