Oct 17, 2012

SHG Oktoberfest | Recap

This past Sunday we held our 5th Annual SHG Oktoberfest meet and I just wanted to thank everyone that made the effort to come out as it was an enjoyable evening hanging out and checking out each other's rides.

There were photos taken by some nice fellas so we will be on the wait for those, but for now enjoy SHG_Mike's late afternoon snaps!

Evan's EP3 now on 3 way adjustable Buddy Club Evo dampers and a new pair of Z1 Star Specs in the rear!

Ryan Hado's sweet Honda CBR.

Here is Dom Millio's EJ8 Civic coupe that was recently featured in Honda Tuning sporting some extremely rare J Blood eyelids and rare left hand drive power folding mirrors, mint!

Mugen wing hrmmm. Not everyday you see one of these either.

William Troche's recently acquired real deal right hand drive VSM EK9. It seemed like a hard decision to sell his mint NHBP ITR but now thinking about it, it must of been an easy choice knowing that he could get this next!

Seamus Erskine made sure to bring out his 208whp B20 VTEC DB1 Second generation Integra as well. The outside is made up of different colors and now that the engine bay is in order, he can start planning for a paintjob for it but don't let the looks fool you, this is a sleeper and if you play with the bee, you could get stung!

Pete Scibelli also brought out his MR2. Even though the SHG meets are Honda oriented, all cars of all makes are welcome and its still nice to see cars like this that you don't see very often in this good of a condition. I haven't had a listen but that exhaust looks like it would sound gnarly!

Jalal also made the drive out from Jersey in his Evo MR. Pushing roughly 330whp!

Theres always heavy hitters that come out and its safe to say that this is one of them. Volks on a BMW 1M? Yes please. Tires are Michelin PS2s and wheels are Volk CE28N 19x8.5 +30 w/18mm spacers on 245/35/19 up front and 19x10.5 +25 on 285/30/19 out back.