Sep 28, 2012

SHG Memorial Day BBQ

I posted this a few weeks ago in my build thread but better late than never right? Better yet, is posting this here so that you can all see how we spent our Memorial Day holiday on 5/28/12.

The DC5 race car that we are building had finally been painted after many months of building the roll cage and prepping the rest of the chassis.

Evan borrowed the tow truck from his job and off we went to pick up the DC5 from Tom's body shop.

Upon arrival back home we quickly unloaded it and brought it up the steep driveway and into the garage.

Evan did a superb job building the cage and these pictures show it. The gray paint used for the interior has a blue hue to it and it looks incredible.

The outside was sprayed in Champ white and red Honda emblems installed in true Type R spirit!

Business before pleasure and off we were to get the BBQ going!

SHG_EasyE looking at something interesting haha.

Here is SHG_Mike and SHG_Chiquita ready to go in the Mugen Si since we decided to get some ice cream.

On the way back I let SHG_Beans drive my EG Civic Si (EH3). Here he is raving about the sweet note of the Spoon N1 exhaust.

Nick seemed to enjoy the Spoon steering wheel and definitely the knob as well since he also has one.

It's not often that I ride in the backseat but seeing my amber lighting from back there was really nice.

All in all it was a very relaxing day doing the things we like with great company and enjoying a nice meal. Not a bad way to spend a holiday, that's for sure!

If you would like to see all of the progress and updates on the DC5 be sure to check the build thread located here: