Sep 21, 2012

RG-O Maintenance

RG-O Maintenance is one of those small tuner shops much like the ones we're used to buying parts from. The only difference is that this one isn't very popular or even widely know outside of Japan for that matter. As far as I know it isn't very popular in Japan either!

What amazes me about this shop is that they are very neat and organized, every thing they do is documented and kept tidy. Their blog is filled with nice pictures of the work, be sure to go through them if you have a chance.

RG-O stands for Racing Garage Ohsumi and is based out of the Kyoto prefecture in Japan. It was founded by Taku Ohsumi back in 1999 to bring out the pleasure of N/A Hondas to his customers. Much like us, RG-O also loved the engine note of a high-revving N/A engine and wanted to bring out its full potential.

Most of their circuit testing is done at Suzuka Circuit, the stable of motorsports in Japan. Not only do they develop parts, they also cater to their customers by offering ECU tuning services, suspension setup and installation, fabrication, engine building, accident support, general repairs and maintenance, car sales and just about everything you might need! The phrase "one stop shop" rings a bell right about now.

Regardless of street, winding roads or circuit, RG-O's philosophy is to enjoy "Honda sport love". That's real neat because our motto is Pure Honda Sports so its nice to know that there are experienced people out there who understand that this is the true way of enjoying Hondas.

By now you must be thinking, how come I've never heard of them or seen their parts? Well that I cannot answer but if you think twice the name might be familiar. I have actually posted a clip of their EK9 racing at Ebisu circuit in the past and in case you missed it, here it is.

Now I love that all their cars are white and I'm sure you do too, in true Type R fashion to say the least. It gives all the cars a sense of unity, much like our SHG banners which are a clear giveaway of us being a club, the white on white look does the same for them.

All that testing and tuning at open track days is great but they also compete in wheel to wheel racing as well, such as the Exedy Cup and Civic One Make series to name a couple.

They have a lot of experience with EGs, EKs, DCs and the like but also with newer chassis such as the NSX and FD2.

Now that you know a little more about RG-O, head over to their website at
It will obviously be in Japanese but nothing a translator can't break down. Plus I'm sure all of you just want to see pictures anyways!

 How about I leave you with this one here, their flat bed going through McDonald's, epic!