Jun 6, 2016

Damn Daniel! | Back At It Again With The SHG_Blog

Just like that, out of thin air the SHG_Blog gets a revival. Or so it appears anyhow. The reality of the matter is that with a lot of thought and restructuring, the blog is now back to being active and it's my duty to keep it in that state. In a world where different social platforms thrive *cough* Instagram *cough*, we see a dwindling amount of participation in forums and blogs. The medium certainly changes with the times and yet some of them simply cannot fade into oblivion. Forums have slowed but they still hold the same lure that got us to sign up in the first place in my opinion. Newspapers are no longer the most effective method for delivering news but they are still alive and well. With that said, allow me to tell you more about what's to come.

I could open up Instagram and find endless accounts uploading daily car content of whatever the admin is in to, regardless of quality level. Anyone nowadays can have their own page with thousands of followers and feel validated as having good taste. The truth of the matter however is that very few of those accounts post original content which is a topic that has been as of late picking up some momentum and for good reason.

That's the sort of negative that I like to turn into a positive, by well, fighting back. The SHG_Blog was never created as a means of getting attention, but rather as a place for us to share cool pictures and content on our personal builds. As time passed and the blog evolved, we started covering small local events, telling stories about our get togethers, showcasing our newest products, and so on. Striving for high quality photos and articles requires time and effort which is difficult especially when considering the latency of when an event happens and when it gets published. 

Many of the older folks don't like Snapchat and its live publishing format but it works for a reason. Having media go out as it is created with minimal editing and time required is a thing of beauty. The ability to take a good quality photo with your phone and have it be put in front of an active and engaging  audience at any time of the day is incredibly effective. What's the other side look like you ask? Shooting with real cameras fully manually with RAW output, spending hours and days post processing multiple images and watermarking them, uploading/linking and then finally narrating the story whether it's a build update on the forum or a blog post. Of course, not limited to a 140 character limit.

So yes true content creation is a lot more difficult than simply reposting someone else's work. I happen to love doing it and contributing to the community so that brings us here. My goal is to continue where I left off nearly 2 years ago when I last posted on the blog. From here on expect fresh content every week. As part of the blog restructure, one of my main goals was to simplify the process to maximize content flow and with the changes made this has now been made easier. I'm certainly blessed to be part of a high prestige group of friends known as SHG and the creative minds within that never stop innovating. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to record all of these moments in our lives and share it with the world so that one day we can all look back and be proud of the individuals that we've become with the passing of time.

Now if you're wondering what this Civic EF is all about, well that's got to be on a whole 'nother article now doesn't it? It's good to be back boys and girls...