Jun 3, 2014

Northeast S2000 Meet.

Sunday May 25th turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, and there was no better place to spend it than at Colt State Park with some of the finest FR roadsters New England has to offer.

Adam Hilario and Molly Duggan were kind enough to host this event at this fantastic location. As a new S2000 owner with a very newly "finished" car I was excited to see some new faces and meet the local S2000 owners. 

There was a nice sized turn out, with everything from beautifully clean OEM examples....

To the more radical such as this Amuse GT-1 Kitted AP1....

 This kit is adds a certain presence that is very difficult to capture in images online. In person it is quite impressive.

The new wide fenders and long nose bumper give the S2000 a completely different shape. Apparently Seamus can't handle it.

I was personally very fond of this OEM+ Laguna Blue Pearl AP2. A perfect example of less is more.

Bee Sayavong's AP2 sitting pretty on florescent Rays 57DR's.

A few fine examples from around the lot.

One car that particularly caught my eye is Jason Diep's Formula Red AP1. I know what your thinking, SHG and stance don't usually get along, however Jason's work and vision was very well executed and has that certain indescribable quality that places some builds above the rest.

After selling his EP3 Jason was left with a freshly built K20/K24 long block that needed a good home. With K-swap parts becoming more readily available for the S2000 chassis and the advantages of the I-VTEC and added torque, the decision was simple...

What makes up this particular power plant is a K24 block mated with a K20A2 head. The block's internals were strengthened with Wiseco pistons, Blueprint rods, and ARP head studs to hold the halves together. A Magnus intake manifold is used to switch the intake direction required when using this in a RWD application.

The car sits on BC dampers with 18x8.5F 18x9.5R 3sdm 0.06 wheels.

Overall it was a great afternoon and I look forward to more of these meets in the future.