Mar 17, 2014

Honda Civic Black Edition | Sweeter The Juice?

Two weeks ago at Geneva, Honda displayed some exciting new models like the upcoming 2015 Civic Type R Concept and 2014 WTCC Civic to name a few but that wasn't all for the Civic line up. Meet the all new, Honda Civic Black Edition.

The current 9th generation Civic here in the US received its mid model update much earlier than usual in 2013 but now a year later it's the rest of the world's turn. The updated 2014 Civic just recently went on sale this January and now starting in May, Honda will be offering the all new Black Edition option.

But before we get to it, let's go over these new updates. 2014 models receive a retuned power steering system, revised damping rates and toe/camber alignment tweaks for peppier handling. Visually speaking there a few changes including now black front bumper trim and rear bumper garnish. The wheel arches are no longer painted body color either as they have been changed to a durable plastic trim. The rear windows now come with a mild factory tint and the rear spoiler takes on a new, bolder less timid shape.

Inside the minor changes include white stitched seats, steering wheel and knee pad, plus aluminum and gloss black accents around the center console area. All of these updates however are standard across the board, Black Edition or not. So then what does the Black Edition have that the others don't?

Well, aside from the obvious black body color, it has an unique gloss black fuel lid cover with the Civic logo and also an aluminum badge in the trunk. You must be thinking, that's it? You'd be right, surprisingly that's all there is to it.

 The 18'' Hydrogen wheels are unique to the Black Edition but are optional and seeing how the trim doesn't have much to offer, I'd advice promptly into getting them. 

Assuming black will only be available as a black edition model, it should give it a bit of uniqueness to those who love the look, but then again is it worth it? Honda hasn't released prices yet and while we won't be getting them here, you just have to wonder what they'll be charging for such a basic optional package. Do remember that we're only talking changes as the Civic is quite well equipped as is and definitely a great compact car even if this trim in particular doesn't distinct itself from the others.

Perhaps this is the reason why some media outlets seem to have overlooked it at Geneva but AutoMotoTube didn't and got some exclusive footage for us to see up close, so have a look. Let us know what you think!