Jun 11, 2013

Riley's Midori EK | Fresh Paint

Here at SHG we tend to take our time building our Hondas. This is because to achieve a high level of quality and satisfaction, the process can't be rushed. Limited budgets and busy schedules are part of life but the vision never dissipates. Mix in a little bit of misfortune however and things go awry.

In Riley Gannon's case, it came in the form of an unfortunate accident in the end of 2010. The quarter panel and front end was damaged but this was not the end of it. As a Honda aficionado Riley simply couldn't see such a clean car rot away in a junkyard and quickly decided to fix it.

A new quarter panel put in meant that the Civic was saved. As you all know one thing leads to another and a full build up was sparked. Customary POR15 undercarriage treatment was in order to keep this Honda rust free for decades to come.

A new radiator support was tacked in place and work on the engine bay surface commenced. No tucked brake lines or shaved holes here either. Just an OEM rebuild with a few things cleaned up.

Riley even took upon himself to master a new craft–painting.

An USDM B16A2 was pulled from a totaled EM1 and found its way back to life.


Now 2 and a half years later, this Civic is almost ready to be back in business. It has just been picked up from the body shop where the entire exterior received a fresh coat of Midori Green Pearl. Midori, which is the Japanese word for green, is a very unique color only offered in 1996 Civic hatchbacks. They are hard to come across and the fact that this was the original color on this car gives it even more authenticity. 

In hindsight, the accident was a blessing in disguise. Now just a few more details away from being completely put together, Riley is seeing his dream car come to fruition. Simply an excellently executed build up thus far, it reflects all of the core ideals that SHG was established upon. Soon the only thing left to do will be to rack up those miles =]

Congrats buddy!