Oct 31, 2012

Wheel Wednesday | WedsSport TC-05

"Sometimes the right thing to do, isn't the right thing to do". 

That is the advice I was given when I faced a tough decision earlier this summer. The opportunity to own an extremely rare and gorgeous set of wheels came up, however it wasn't exactly in reach. I had to work long hours and liquidate some items very quickly but I was able to make it happen in a short period of time. It called for extreme measures and put me in a tight spot but its not everyday that opportunities like this arise so I had to go against the "safer" decision of using the money for more important things.

Even to this day it's still debatable whether I made the right choice but you can't live life with regrets am  I right?

The wheels on subject, is a staggered set of WedsSport TC-05s in 16x8 +34, and 16x7+33. While it isn't a simple bolt on due to the aggressive sizing, it will fit just perfect and not have issues when the supporting modifications are done such as rolling the fenders, installing my new Buddy Club camber kits, fine tuning the ride height and alignment, extended OEM wheel studs and perhaps even bending the wheel well seams if needed.

The major thing that I still need is tires and due to the lack of selection and money I haven't gotten them but next spring or early summer should be bought. I have low hopes of the Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z2s coming here in sizing that works but that will be a candidate if so. More than likely I will be going with 215/45/16 Kumho XS, a great bang for your buck Extreme Performance street tire.

Certainly will be an incredible setup once everything is squared away!