Feb 9, 2012

Earth Dreams Technology

Due to the global economic crisis in 2008, Honda decided that it was best to withdrawal their team from Formula 1. Many saw this as a failure on Honda's part however I would have to disagree. Honda's involvement in F1 helped them conduct valuable research to create what is known as Earth Dreams Technology. It is Honda's latest generation of efficient engines aimed at having better fuel efficiency and smaller environmental impact.

Current environmental concerns needed to be addressed and this is the direction that they are now  headed in. We have been blessed with the B series engine in the 90's and the K series for the 2000's but now its time for the new lineup of engines to come in and spice things up a bit.  Hopefully the engines will be more powerful and have better performance but we shall wait and see. While not available yet, it is planned to start its deployment in late 2012 with the Civic.

You can read more about Earth Dreams technology here: