Sep 29, 2011

SHG_Spotlight: Evan's 1995 Jet Black Honda Civic CX

The one that started it all, this is the car that put SoHondaGarage on the map. What originally began as a mild build up eventually snowballed into a full ground up restoration SHG style and well, if you're not familiar with what that means, then read on!

Some may say that Evan Consolazio has OCD when it comes to building Hondas, while others might say that he is just meticulous or simply a perfectionist. But one thing is for certain, his attention to detail is uncanny.

With a vision in mind, Evan knew he wanted a clean and traditional OEM JDM look with a few subtle additions. When it was all said it done it consisted of a Spoon CF duckbill, Spoon style mirrors, Honda Access window visors, JDM thin side moldings, OEM Si lip, OEM mudguards and JDM headlights paired up with JDM clear corners. Since this car wasn't a daily driver the wipers were ditched in favor of a much cleaner look and not to mention better slightly better aerodynamics.

A great blend between street and track was achieved inside the cabin by keeping the full interior and with the use of lighter parts such as the smooth 360mm Spoon Steering wheel and Bride Zeta III bucket seat. Bride FO seat rails were chosen for its quality and ultra low driving position while the passenger seats are from a 91' Civic Si hatchback. Improved feel over stock can further be found through the SHG aluminum and grip taped pedals and the OEM Accord CL7 aluminum shift knob. Keeping things clean is no easy task but having a set of OEM floor mats ensures the original carpet will stay in the best condition possible.

A JDM SiR white faced cluster with red translucent needles and amber lighting provides great contrast with the all black interior. Carbon fiber plates can be found in tiny bits scattered all over the interior for mounting things like a radiator fan switch above the hazard button. The S2000 push to start button adds just a hint of the pure sports driving that is to follow soon after being pressed.

 Mr. No Bolt Untouched started working his magic in the suspension department by stripping the 12 year old rubber coating in the wheel wells and coating them with POR-15. An industrial grade rust inhibitor to keep this chassis fresh for many years to come. Freshly powdercoated strut fork, lower control arms and knuckles compliment the refinished condition. Earl's stainless steel brake lines lead up to the GSR clappers holding Hawk HPS pads. New front wheel bearings paired up with ARP extended studs adds adequate threads for the lug nuts to sit tight against the Rotora slotted rotors. The wheels are a fairly rare set of 15'' Wedsport TC05s powdercoated in white that goes perfectly on black. Stunning!

 ITR spec Buddy Club N+ coilovers with spring rates 12k F and 10k R combined with polyurethane bushings make the handling predictable and sharp. Skunk 2 camber kit and all new balljoints, tie rod ends and front wheel bearings are in order to complete the full refresh. Yellow marker paint denotes bolts that have been torqued to spec to assure that nothing is overlooked or left in doubt.

The undercarriage is just as clean as it looks and not to mention durable. With POR there are no worries of rust coming back if properly applied and it is an SHG specialty seen in other builds as well.  By removing every nut and bolt on this car, Evan was able to think through every aspect of the car while ensuring that there are no cut corners. Any car that is built to perform as good as it looks needs to rightfully done so and therefore torquing all bolts and nuts according to factory specifications results in a reliable and safe car.

A fully rebuilt 1.8 Liter DOHC VTEC USDM B18C1 engine resides in the uber clean Spoon themed engine bay. Breathing is done proper with the help from a 5 angle valve job,  CTR intake cam, polished valves, JDM ITR header, ported throttle body and a Skunk2 intake manifold. Things are kept firm with Spoon engine mounts and a refinished OEM strut bar. A mild wire tuck cleans up nice and keeps the factory vibe flowing. New OEM cadmium plated hardware resembles how it left the factory while proving that clean and simple is the way to go. The transmission was also rebuilt and includes an ITR 4.875 final drive and LSD help to put the power down through the Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec tires aided by the agile short ratio GSR steering rack. Finally a baffled oil pan prevents the engine from suffering oil starvation through fast corners.

There are other countless modifications done than what meets the eyes so be sure to check out the full spec sheet as not everything was mentioned. Evan has since sold the car and moved onto an EP3 hatch but it so happens that it is for sale again by the current owner. This is a relic that might go unnoticed but don't be fooled, it was built with a lot of hard work and countless hours.

I posted links to more pictures, the build thread and the for sale thread below for those who might be interested which also has a full mod list.

I hope you enjoyed this read and please comment!