Nov 15, 2011

Jaccs Racing EG6

Nothing is more nostalgic for me concerning Hondas than the Jaccs Racing EG6 from the early 90's. This car competed in the Group A class of the JTCC (Japanese Touring Car Championship) in which it had so much success that they actually won the Division 3 in 1993!

It sported an interesting bright multi-colored livery that marked its presence on the race track as one of the fastest Civics on the field.

 You are probably thinking those are Spoon mirrors but they actually EC Works Type A mirrors. Good luck finding a set as they are extremely rare. I have only seen a set for sale once and less than a handful of cars with them.

Here it can be seen giving the competition a run for their money, not bad for a little 1.6 liter Civic outputting 230whp. Its incredible how it was simply walking the NSX on its debut battle, what an amazing feat!